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We understand that purchasing or refinancing property can be a confusing and difficult process. With 200 years of combined experience, our professionals will ensure your title search will be done the right way.

Leave the hard work to us.

The following is a list of some of the things included in the title process:

  • Contact the town where the real estate is located to make sure any delinquent property taxes are collected at closing
  • Check the names of buyers and sellers against the national database for money laundering or terrorist activity
  • Send one of our expert title examiners to perform a comprehensive search of the public records at the County Registry of Deeds
  • Our skilled real estate attorneys will review the title examination and oversee preparation of the Commitment for Title Insurance
  • Prepare and send your lender the Commitment for Title Insurance, detailing the findings from our research at the Registry of Deeds and the requirements, from a title insurance perspective, that must be accomplished to facilitate an insurable transfer of title
  • Diligent behind the scenes clearing of problems or issues discovered in our title search to prepare for your closing

Even after completing an exhausting search of all the resources available to us, there are a number of off-record matters that can sometimes come up after closing that can threaten your ownership interest and enjoyment of your real estate. For these reasons and many others, title services and title insurance are a necessity to retaining your peace of mind when purchasing property.  Gateway Title offers title insurance, which protects you and your lender against title defects, errors in the title process or unknown claimants to the property.

Title insurance requires a one-time fee, paid at closing, that will protect you during your period of ownership and even after you sell the property, should some issue come to light that would threaten you with a financial loss.

Gateway Title is an approved title insurance agent for Chicago Title Insurance Company.

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