Real Estate Closings | Maine

We know that your main concern is getting a closing date you can rely on and knowing the necessary work is going to be done and done right. Our team is here to support you and help you sell with confidence.  

You can choose your own closing attorney and decide where you prefer the closing to take place. Gateway Title wants to earn your business. Our experienced team of professionals is thorough and focused on making sure the necessary work is done and done right so you can have a worry-free closing.

What to expect at closing:

Closing on a refinance or purchase of a home is an exciting and wonderful time. It can also seem complicated and scary if you aren’t working with the right title company. Some loan packages contain over 120 documents. Sound complicated? Not to worry! One of Gateway Title’s experienced employees will sit down with you and carefully explain all of the fees, charges, and each and every document necessary in your transaction.

What to bring with you:

We have to know that the right people are present at closing to sign the documents. Please bring with you two forms of identification. One must be a valid(unexpired) driver’s license, state issued ID card, U.S. Passport or Green Card. The second form can be an unexpired credit card, health insurance card, voter registration card, or bank statement.

Funds to pay closing costs must either be a certified bank check, drawn on a U.S. bank, or a wire transfer from a U.S. bank. In most cases you will be provided with the amount needed at least a day before closing. If you are requesting a wire transfer, please be certain to make that request of your bank at least 24 hours before the scheduled closing time.

What do closing costs include?

There are numerous tasks that have to be accomplished during the closing process – title search and review by one of our expert real estate attorneys, requesting and obtaining tax information and payoffs for existing mortgages and liens, clearing problems and defects in the title to the property, receipt of loan documents from the lender, preparation of closing documents and disclosures, conducting the closing, making sure all documents are properly signed and dated, recording documents at the registry of deeds, disbursing funds in accordance with the closing instructions, and the coordination with lenders, realtors, buyers, sellers and any other parties involved throughout the transaction.

In addition to closing costs associated with services provided by Gateway Title, there are lender fees and real estate commissions.

If it still sounds complicated, please relax. Gateway will handle your real estate transaction the right way!

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