Why should I get a Mortgage Inspection Sketch?

Frequently called an MIS or MLI (Mortgage Loan Inspection), this is an inspection done by a surveyor based on knowledge about the property. An MIS may be required by a bank to secure a mortgage loan, and is recommended even if it is not required. Possible findings may include:

  • Defining boundaries of the property┬áthat may be unclear due to previous landscaping
    • Fences or walls are crossing property lines
    • Trees or gardens planted across property lines
  • Buildings are actually on a neighboring property
  • Buildings violate setback or zoning laws
  • Driveway encroaches on a neighboring property or neighboring drive encroaches on┬áproperty in question
  • Well or septic is on a neighbor’s property, or neighbor’s is on property in question
  • Blazings or pin sets indicate that the property boundaries written in the deed don’t match up, or neighbors dispute boundaries
  • Presence of discontinued roads, rangeways, or streets affecting property title
  • Defective property description

Note: A Mortgage Inspection Sketch is does not include a title search, but is supplementary and beneficial in your decision to buy property.